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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:12 am 

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This book gives evidence found in Egyptian records that Moses etc did exist but was Egyptian and lived under the Egyptian law. Their God Jehovah/Yahweh was a copy of the original Egyptian Gods considering the whole Mosaic law is identical to Ancient Egypt - and yet it is ironic that the Jewish prophets seem to demonize the Egyptian Idol Gods when in reality they were where Moses originally got the law from.

So the historical records recorded by Ancient Egypt seem to display a group of Israelites living in Egypt until they decided to start war and move out which I agree was when they plagiarized Ancient Egyptian ritual worship and made it their own as they created their God Yahweh/Jehovah with the blood sacrifices, the ten commandments which are ripped from Egypt's Negative Confession tablets.

The Christianity lake of fire, Jesus' blood cleansing sinners, Jesus sitting upon a throne, baptism, war in heaven found in the Book of Revelation - all of this originated in Ancient Egypt as I found while reading the Book of the Dead.

It is ironic that Saint Peter in the NT demonizes the Pagan idol Gods yet thanks to them is what spawned Christianity!

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^Yet Paul also admits that Moses was "learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians".:wink:

If it wasn't already mentioned in that book, you might also be interested in reading Manetho's account of the Hyksos exile. The Osarseph character in particular sounds conspicuously similar to Moses, and the whole Hyksos affair has been likened by many scholars, both ancient and modern, to the Exodus of the Hebrews.

Overtime this view has become more & more abandoned by mainstream scholarship, but I know Jan Assman, the leading Egyptologist in the world next to Erik Hornung, still deals with the topic and has written much literature about it. In fact, one of his more controversial books is titled "Moses the Egyptian".

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