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PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:33 pm 

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Before you start laughing at my title, please hear me out.

Via another great forum I belong to is that of GnosticMedia where I have gathered a great deal of knowledge from.
I have to credit a great deal of my findings from the GnosticMedia knowledge base.
The owner and Admin of that site is Jan Irvin who has interviewed Acharya S and is no stranger to her work,
and who resources it and has defended it quite admirably as have an overwhelmingly amount of the members there.
The strict rule there is, if you haven't read the work then you are in no position to criticize it.

At the minute I am reading a book called The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by John Marco Allegro.
Taken from an early depiction of Adam and Eve and the Serpent which sets up this theory quite nicely.
The forbidden tree of knowledge, and what the snake said would happen if they ate of this tree.
We are of course led to believe this was an apple,
"but as we both know Mr Anderson, appearances can be deceiving".

The commonalities between Christian art and the Mushroom are undeniable in my opinion. The Mushroom in question (Amanita Muscaria or Fly Agaric) which has been used as an Entheogen for thousands of years has been incorporated into much more than just Jesus. Even Santa Claus is constructed from its use.

Brief outline: The Shamans of Siberia would gather these mushrooms fresh from under the coniferous trees and as mushrooms are mostly water, they can become quite heavy. So the Shaman and his "helpers" would pick them and hang them within the needles of the coniferous trees (sounds familiar) to allow them to dry. Then he would put them in a large sack, get on his sled "pulled by reindeer's" and continue to his lodge were his tribe would be waiting for the ceremony. Now this is Siberia and as snow can come hard and fast at any time the only assured way to enter and exit the lodge was from the hole in the roof (Ding!). Also because of the color of the Mushroom itself being with stem with red cap, the Shaman would also incorporate these colors into his clothes. So, we have a figure that takes things from under a tree, places them in a tree, travels on a sled pulled by reindeer's and enters through the roof, sure sounds like jolly old Santa to
Here is an excellent comparison by Andrew Rutajit, fellow author and colleague of Jan Irvin, here --> ... istmas.asp by

But I digress we are talking Jesus so let me continue.

Allegro was one of the only people to study the DSS and his conclusion was pretty different than anyone else at the time. He was a Christian before he studied them and an agnostic after he studied them. He was also not favored by the Vatican for the conclusions he reached due to the DSS. Thus he was basically labeled a runaway nutjob, something that history has shown is a "prerequisite" for finding the actual

His book is crammed to the brim with Sumerian translations and I am afraid I am not an expert on this (well few actually are), but if it was enough to change a persons faith in their religion then there was certainly smoke that led to a fire for Allegro.

So what are the comparisons to Jesus and this Mushroom. Well as most of us know the Entheogen (hallucinatory substance) produces a definite shift in perception of reality. One does not feel like one does in everyday life, there is surreal connection to everything around you and this has often been explained as the inner world. This immediately makes me think of certain "quotes" of Jesus. For example one that shines out is the "No one comes to the Father except through me".
The "rock I will build on" is another (according to Allegro) name for the Mushroom in Sumerian. To take the mushroom that gives the person a glimpse into the vast array of realities that is invisible to all but the select few who "ingest the flesh" of this fungus would be a good basis for a religion imho.

Image credit taken from a comparison by member "Berserkr" of the Gnosticmedia forum.
As a young "button" the Amanita Muscaria does in fact resemble an Apple in this image.

I have been of the belief before and now even more so that the cherry picking religions today are made up of many sources of the past (not news to anyone
Allegro however gives translations of the Sumerian language that are very explanatory for the case he is making.

The Amanita Muscaria could very well have been the crux of the Jesus personification among others,
and if no one has came across this information before (doubtful)
then I think this has a lot of merit as "one" of the characteristics employed in the figure "Jesus".
Now in this image we have already a few similarities, we have the basic shape of the cross and mushroom,
we have the veil of the mushroom and Jesus' covering around his waste,
and we have the thorns on the cap of the mushrooms, and the thorns on Jesus' head.

Another strange thing ties the Shaman actions to that of biblical miracles, the water into wine analogy in particular. The Shaman would be the one to ingest large amounts of the Mushroom which will produce gastric upsets and pain, but because of this his urine would contain huge amounts of the chemical that produces the narcotic effect. The followers or tribe belonging to the Shaman would ingest both the mushroom and the urine of the shaman. Could this possibly mean the flesh and blood of Jesus, and if the urine was mixed with water....water would then become the intoxicant?

Other visual evidence is the very getup the Vatican wear,
the white under gowns and red top around the shoulders, again mimicking the mushroom.
Pure coincidence, or direct influence?

This is not what I call a through investigation by myself as I am taking a little from here and there. The actual comparisons are immense and I urge people to read
Allegro's book and decide for themselves. After all it is better to resource from someone who was not under the thumb of the Vatican and who has actually studied the DSS directly.
I hope this will encourage people to at least give the information a second glance.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:43 pm 
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Yes, we're all familiar with all that here. I think there are several threads scattered around that mention it. There's no doubt legitimacy to it.

We have a difficult time just trying to get Acharya's work 'out there' already without all the drugs (so much for help from Satan, Lucifer, Illuminati, Freemason's, Mossad etc as we're generally falsely accused). So, we tend to focus less on the drug aspects here. It's good to see Jan & others taking it on though. It's important work.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:33 pm 

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No problem, point taken.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:03 pm 

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I've been over some of the Gnostic Media vids on the Internet and it is an interesting research. I think the "manna" from heaven is rather self evident and the mushroom looking cap of the high priest is very revealing. Now that you flashed to an image of the Pope it's pretty evident there as well. The bible is astrotheological for sure and the cross of course has to do with the cross of the zodiac, specifically the crossing over of the sun from the former Great Year in the age of Aries to the current Great Year in the age of Pisces. But that's not to say that the mushroom symbolism hasn't been worked into the astrotheological allegory of the cross. There are many layers to the esoteric symbolism and the mushroom fits into esoteric mystical practice. One can see a whole lot going on in the crucifixion imagery...

The Jesus Mythicist Creed:
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:57 am 

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BTW: Mods please feel free to move this thread to a more suitable section, the DSS thread is what sparked my thought to make it here, but I understand it doesn't reflect the topics in the section, no offense will be taken promise :)

I agree Tat Tvam Asi, there are many layers to the myths of religions.
Much like the layers of an onion, the more we peel away, the more they end up :D

I am of the belief that entheogen use is what gave man the ability to ascend to realities reserved for these mythical gods. I dabbled in them some 15 or so years ago and the impression I got was one of immense conscious awareness. Now had my head been filled with stories of God and any particular religion then that would have been the premise for the experience. I think that the memory banks of the brain take many years to cause an effect on the human mind. I have always disagreed with giving young children a predetermined doctrine of belief when they are basically just sponges for information. The problems lie when we feed them nothing but uncertainties and unprovable theories that we are not even that sure of ourselves, and then we hold them accountable for being confused in adolescence. So we should teach our children within the context of agnosticism and let them make up their own minds when their minds do indeed develop a natural curiosity.

The point I was trying to make about Entheogens and Religions is that the former gave birth to the latter, but the latter thinks its too good now for the former.
Now we have these religions at each others throats claiming that the only way to salvation is through their version of the "truth". However while they are all looking to the sky for salvation, the root cause has been growing at their feet all along. The Manna from heaven is very a intriguing point, I also don't think that there is much doubt as to what that was.

Many indigenous tribes were in possession of things they couldn't have possibly known unless they had direct physical experience of. The preciseness of the Mayan calendar and knowledge of the stars for example is a pretty marvelous thing to do with the naked eye alone. With the entheogen though it works on the information gathered via the subconscious mind that never misses a detail from all five senses throughout our whole lives. One look at a night sky can be stored in the memory and called upon by the one under the influence of the substance that targets these areas which can deliver profound thoughts and conclusions, that could be quite accurate.

I also did a little research into the Pre Egyptian civilization too, not that I could right a book on it or anything, but the Pyramids have always fascinated me. I bounced around many theories of how they were built what they were for and who built them. I think that the Giza Plateau is another huge factor for the secrecy in religions. I think they were literally technology combined with spirituality that produced massive effects on the consciousness of people of the times. Then we have the fall or disappearance of the civilization that built them, maybe due to the flood myth, maybe not, my jury is still out on that one. I am leaning more to it actually happening than not. But I do think it could be a cyclical event due to something that we have not yet came across. I know some would say its a myth like all other myths but I feel the flood has evidence to support it. I think the land of Egypt or "Khemt" has had many rulers and not just the Johnny come lately Arabs that have seemed to claim all the pre historic past for themselves, yet even they don't know how the Pyramids were built in a time where copper tools were the norm, anyway I digress yet

Thanks for your comment though, I appreciate it.

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