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PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:53 pm 

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Virgin Cow Lady Ninsun, Contextual implication of Isis' Virginity

Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet 1
"Child of Lugal Banda's wife and some great force. Gilgamesh is the finest child of Ninsun; who never let a man touch her indeed so pure and heavenly, so without sin." (my undergarment no one has uncovered, in a sense)
Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet 2
"Gilgamesh awoke with fear in his heart. Gilgamesh cried out and arose. Gilgamesh went to his mother Virgin ******COW LADY******Ninsun."

In mesopotamian mythology the virgin mother goddess, Ninsun, is the patroness of fertility, agriculture, magic etc. While she is the mother of Gilgamesh in the mesopotamian epic, traditionally she gives birth to The Wild Bull Dumuzi (Tammuz). Okay, I've heard that somewhere before: The Divine Cow Lady who gives birth to the Bull, and who is also the goddess of fertility, agriculture, and magic and 'who never let a man touch her' :mrgreen:

Let's juxtapose this religion with one of it's contemporaries, the egyptian religion. In the egyptian religion, Isis is the principal mother/fertility goddess. Like Virgo, Isis is the goddess of agriculture e.g "Isis: Lady of Green Crops, Lady of Bread, Lady of Abundance..." -- Book of the Dead, "It is Sirius (Isis) the beloved daughter, who provides the YEARLY SUSTENANCE (flooding of the Nile for crops) for you in her name of "Year" -- PyramidTexts, "Sirius (Isis) is the opener of the Year's flood, yielding crops" etc. Universally, Isis was the goddess of all magic... this is all common knowledge. What I want to focus on is her maternal embodiment, which is the Cow. From the New Kingdom and onwards, Isis was closely associated with Hathor, the cow-goddess, and so she is mainly depicted as wearing a solar disc between cow horns. She was regarded as the "Mother of the Apis bull", and as we all know, Osiris's sacricifial embodiment is the Apis Bull; Osiris who was "born again" as his own son, Horus, thus making his consort also his mother (early example of freudian psychology), and also making Isis interchangeable with the mother goddess, Nut.

In light of the preponderance of similarities between Isis and Ninsun, who is clearly regarded as a virgin mother, it should go witout saying that any of the three egyptian words for young virgin or young damsel, when used to describe Isis, are used in the context of virginity. Unfortunatley, just about every aspect of society subsists on the capacity that we humans have for denial...that and the fact that people like KingDavid8 and Chris White (the maker of Zeitgeist Challenge) derive some sick thrill from educated and learned researchers having to provide them with evidence as if they themselves are some grand authorities in the field -- it must do wonders for their egos. But in the near future this will be the common sense. Folks will look back and wonder how the hell they ever let people like Kingdavid8 convince them that 'dd.t, rnn.t and hwn.t did not refer to virginity when used to describe the egyptian mother goddess, Isis.

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Thanks for that, teched246.

Neith, Virgin Mother of the World


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The Mythicist Position
Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:37 pm 

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Your welcome Freethinkluva. I was wondering if you have any official translations of the following Nag Hammadi Text that states Isis is a Virgin and which dates back to 400 BC:

Because I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised one
I am the prostitute and the saint.
I am the bride and the VIRGIN
I am the mother and the daughter,
I am my mother’s arms,
I am the sterile one, yet my children are numerous,
I am the married woman and the unmarried one,
I am She who gives birth and She who has never given birth,
I am the consolation for the pains of childbirth.
I am the bride and the groom,
And it was my man who nurtured my fertility,
I am my father’s Mother,
I am my husband’s sister.
And he is my rejected son.
Respect me always,
As I am the Scandalous and the Magnificent one.

According to all sources I've seen, this specific texts dates back to 400BC. I've found a gnostic translation of the texts, but it doesn't specifically state that woman speaking is Isis. Instead, the woman is equated with Eve of the bible (who, in my opinion can be equated with Neith or Nut). The gnostic translation is on page 92 here:
Technically it starts on page 85, but that specific hymn is found on 92. Between those pages, the translator elaborates on the connection between Sophia and Isis.

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