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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:19 pm 

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As if we don't get enough flack from obstinate antagonists even when we are correct and doing our research properly, it is cases like the following, from so-called supporters, that often irritate or even infuriate me more so than the antagonists I've conversed with. It only serves to hurt the cause that much more, as our opponents have proven themselves all too quick to seize upon such blatant fraudulence in the following example as an attack against the subject of comparative religion in general, i.e, "see, the whole pagan-roots-of-christianity bit is a sham!"

Last night, I was doing some Googling, and while scrolling through the results, Acharya's TBK page Who is the Virgin Mary? came up again. I gave it another glancing over and saw the following image:

This is of Isis nursing the infant Horus while sitting upon her throne which is supported on the backs of two sphinx. You can clearly see that they have the bodies of lions, but the heads of humans, each crowned with the double-feather sun disk supported on a pair of ram horns.

For some reason this picture jumped out at me, as though I had seen it somewhere before. But I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I couldn't recall having seen this particular picture anywhere before, though the general design is familiar to Egyptian iconography, but that wasn't it. It was this particular picture itself that seemed very familiar to me for some reason.

Well, recently Google Images has added a "search by image" feature, where you can just enter a url or upload an image and it will search for that same image or others similar to it. So I tried it with the above image. And scrolling through the results, eventually I DID see an image related to the one above, one that I HAVE seen before. But, as it turns out, it was being used in a very different, and very fraudulent, way.

The familiar image was being used by the web page


Scroll down one screen length, and there was the old image that was the reason for my perceived familiarity with the above image from Acharya's page. It was this:


As you can tell, it is a cropped portion of the above image. Specifically, it is the head of the sphinx on the right side of the above picture, the one on Isis's left hand side.


So what's the problem? Why is that fraudulent? Well, if you haven't already clicked the link to their web page and seen why, the reason is because of how they present this cropped head. They describe it as this:


They got it half right, at least. It is a statue of Isis nursing Horus. But Horus CRUCIFIED? Excuse me? WTF?!?

It is not a crucifixion or even a cruciform of Horus. The only Horus in this picture is the infant seated in Isis's lap. The cropped picture hosted on that site is the head of a sphinx wearing the traditional double-feather crown.
If you weren't already familiar with the REAL picture and the context of the cropped portion, it does sort of look like a blurry generic figure in a cruciform pose, the sun disk being mistaken for a faceless head, and the ram horns as though outstretched arms, and the beard as though straightened legs.

But alas, it is no such thing, as I have proven.

Whoever is responsible for that is a fraud and is poisoning the well of comparative mythology.

Let it be known to the internets that these frauds were exposed HERE first. Not by Christians. Not by antagonistic atheists. Not by anyone like Richard Carrier or Bart Ehrman. It was Acharya's forum that exposed this.

We don't fabricate bullshit here. We expose it. Whether it's bullshit from the religious or from fellow mythicists or whoever else.

This reminds me a bit of how whenever young earth creationists bring up outdated mistakes made in the past by evolutionists (usually cut & pasted from a Chick tract) it is atheists/evolutionists who have to inform them that it was other evolutionists/scientists who exposed those mistakes and corrected them, and NOT any creationists.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:20 pm 

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Good job.

The Jesus Mythicist Creed:
The "Jesus Christ" of the New Testament is a fictional composite of characters, real and mythical. A composite of multiple "people" is no one.

The celestial Origins of Religious Belief
ZG Part 1
Jesus: Hebrew Human or Mythical Messiah?

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