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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:03 pm 
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Fascinating stuff here! The aborigines are one of the oldest genetic groups on the planet ("races," if you will). They are closely related to the San people of southeast Africa, who are considered the source of the "Genetic Eve." According to the genetics studies by the NatGeo Genographic Project, the aborigines made their way to Australia about 50,000 years ago, during the Ice Age, so their route is now underwater. As we can see, they were focused on astronomy, revealing yet another astrotheological culture, this one going back many thousands of years. It would therefore not be surprising if they possessed the rudiments of an earlier tradition from Africa as well.

Astronomical Symbolism in Australian Aboriginal Rock Art
by Duane Hamacher

Traditional Aboriginal Australian cultures include a significant astronomical component, perpetuated through oral tradition and ceremony. This knowledge has practical navigational and calendrical functions, and sometimes extends to a deep understanding of the motion of objects in the sky....

The dark night skies of Australia are an important part of the landscape, and would have been very obvious to Aboriginal people around their campfires before the British occupation. So it is unsurprising to find that stories of the Sun, Moon, planets and constellations occupy a significant place in the oral traditions of Aboriginal Australians....

......the cluster of stars known to Europeans as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, are associated in many Aboriginal cultures with a group of young girls, or sisters.... Many traditional Aboriginal stories refer to the sisters as pursued by the young men in Orion, which is curiously similar to the traditional European myth about these constellations."

Curious, indeed. One could surmise that this apparent cultural commonality occurred because of either a shared common root dating back tens of thousands of years, or that during that time there was indeed some type of contact, such as has been suggested concerning possibly Phoenician and/or Egyptian sailors. Or, of course, these "curiously similar" traditions arose independently.


"The Aboriginal 'Emu in the sky.' In Western astronomy terms, the Southern Cross is on the right, and Scorpius on the left; the head of the emu is the Coalsack."

Here's some info from Wiki:

Australian Aboriginal astronomy

See also:

Aboriginal astronomers see emu in sky


"Orion represents a hunter in European culture but an emu in Aboriginal culture"

Here's another very cool article about Australian aboriginal astronomy (PDF):

Astronomy in Aboriginal culture

In all probability, long before other civilizations had named the celestial objects in the night sky, the indigenous people of Australia had not only given them names but had also built an astronomical knowledge system which they incorporated into their social, cultural and religious life.

The Aboriginal people of Australia have lived for well over 40 000 years on the Australian continent and their descendents still enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the Milky Way galaxy directly overhead. In that long period they built an astronomical knowledge system that they absorbed into their social, cultural and religious life. They passed this down in oral form from one generation to another as a living system of knowledge which they still cherish and enjoy. The astronomical knowledge system they constructed is different from that of modern-day physicists and astronomers....

The Aboriginal people were in all probability some of the first human beings to name the celestial objects in the night sky.

...The Pleiades also have another interpretation among the Aboriginal people. The Pleiades are considered to be a group of girls or young women by a number of tribes. In Greek mythology the Pleiades are the daughters of Atlas who are running away from Orion and in order to escape from him they fly into the sky. In the central Australian Aboriginal stories of the Pleiades, this cluster of stars also represent young women
who are fleeing from the unwelcome attention of Orion...

Again, how do we explain such a detailed correspondence?

Here is yet another great source of information:

Australian Aboriginal Astronomy Project

...In most Aboriginal cultures, the Moon is male and the Sun is female. For example, a Yolngu oral tradition explains the motion of the Sun in terms of Walu, the Sun-woman. She lights a small fire each morning, producing the dawn, and decorates herself with red ochre, some of which spills onto the clouds, to create the red sunrise. Carrying a blazing torch made from a stringy-bark tree, she travels across the sky from east to west, creating daylight. At the western horizon, she extinguishes her torch, and travels back underground to her morning camp in the east. An ethnographer was told "the Sun goes clear around the world" by a Yolngu man who illustrated this "by putting his hand over a box and under it and around again."

The Yolngu people call the Moon-man Ngalindi. The phases of the Moon are caused by Ngalindi being attacked by his wives, who chopped bits off him with their axes, reducing him from the fat full moon to the thin waning Moon, and eventually dying (the new Moon). After staying dead for three days, he rose again, once more growing round and fat to become the full Moon, when his wives attacked him again.

Yolngu culture also recognises that the tides are caused by the Moon, and that the height of the tides depends on the phases of the Moon. This is explained in terms of a complicated interaction between the rising Moon and the Sea, the Moon alternately filling and emptying, depending on its phase, as it rises through the ocean horizon. While it is dangerous to generalise from one Aboriginal culture (Yolngu) to others, there exist similarities that transcend Aboriginal cultures, such as the gender of the Sun and Moon, which are almost universally female and male respectively....

Yet more goodies...

Wurdi Youang rocks could prove Aborigines were first astronomers

Ancient stones map the sun
Could be upwards of 10,000 years old
"This can't be done by guesswork."

IS this just a pile of rocks placed in a semicircle, or proof that Aborigines were the world's first astronomers?

After years of meticulous examination, a group of Australia's most distinguished astro-physicists is starting to believe it's the latter - a discovery that could turn history upside down and render England's famous Stonehenge an also-ran.

Dubbed Wurdi Youang, the strange stone arrangement was found on property near Mt Rothwell, 80km west of Melbourne - its two points set in perfect alignment with the setting sun on a midsummer's day.

CSIRO experts believe the ancient Aboriginal sundial could be upwards of 10,000 years old, an estimate that would have it pre-date the famous neolithic Stonehenge and the only remaining ancient wonder of the world, the Egyptian Pyramids.

Its location is a closely guarded secret.

CSIRO astro-physicist Professor Ray Norris said the precise alignment of the stones proved it was constructed to map the sun.

"This can't be done by guesswork, it required very careful measurements. If it goes back, let's say, 10,000 years, that predates the Egyptians, the Pyramids, Stonehenge, all that stuff," Professor Norris said.


Why suffer from Egyptoparallelophobia, when you can read Christ in Egypt? Try it - you'll like it:


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What are ALL the topics I should put in a website about astronomy and physics? I'm making a website and its 2 main topics are astronomy and physics. I want to know what are all the topics, information, and keywords that I should put on the website.

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springera, do a search at the top of the home page for specific topics but this is the astronomy section, however, so many things carry over that much is scattered around.

2013 Astrotheology Calendar
The Mythicist Position
Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection
Stellar House Publishing at Youtube

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