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One of my favourite Egyptian statues is the one of Pharaoh Khafre that has Horus as a hawk behind his head. ... tue-khafre

I see this as being similar to how the son of the Gnostic god of "good" (chrestos) in Marcion's gospel came to Earth and possessed a human body in order to spread the message to the Jews that their old testament YHWH was an evil demiurge, and the Jews should stop worshiping him and be saved by worshiping the superior, true god of the Pleroma instead.

When the Pharaoh ruled he was considered to be Horus on Earth, as if the Pharaoh was channeling Horus and the words the Pharaoh spoke were actually the words of Horus. The statue of Khafre with Horus as a hawk seems to represent Horus speaking through the Pharaoh.

Marcion's Isu Chrestos supposedly came to Earth in Galilee "like a dove descending from heaven" and took on a mortal appearance, which he continued to use until it came time to be crucified. At that time the immortal Isu Chrestos "phantom" separated from the mortal body, and according to one apocryphal gospel, was laughing at those who thought they could kill a son of god. The supposedly resurrected biblical Jesus in the biblical gospels was not recognized by many who saw him, which could be explained by the Isu Chestos phantom supposedly taking over another mortal body until it was time for him to leave.

The concept of the Pharaoh channeling Horus, the son of Osiris, may have been the inspiration for a Galilean mortal channeling Isu Chrestos, the son of the good god in Marcion's gospel story, which was the source of the biblical gospel stories.


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